Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hermit Crab with Eric Carle

I am wrapping up our Eric Carle unit of study and these are some of the first finished.  I have done these before at my other school, with a few changes.  These collages are great for kinder cutting skills and especially following step by step instructions.  They learn very quickly that if they don't listen their pictures may not turn out.  For example, the shell, if it isn't glued with the "opening" facing one of the sides, there may not be enough room for the hermit crab at all.  If it faces up, the hermit crab looks like it's fallen and it can't get up.  (Sorry,  I couldn't resist!!) But, there is also room for artistic decisions, like  how to cut the seaweed, how much. Where to put the starfish.  Can't wait to show off some of the other Eric Carle designs!


  1. Did they do the painted paper or did they just select pieces already painted and cut?

    1. Yes, they painted the paper. I let different tables paint different colors and they share with the class. Sometimes I have to make a little more, but I usually have what I need to finish a project. I actually give each table of 4 students a 24 by 18 inch paper to paint on. If I know I will be using more of one color, I will have additional tables make that color. They love painting the paper, I let them know from the beginning if they listen to my rules they can help, otherwise they watch their friends...they don't want to miss out, so they listen!